Coworking – the experience so far

Eighteen months ago, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went to a shared office for the first time, as I wrote here.

Since then, I’ve been going to the Capsule on pretty much a weekly basis (except over this summer when it was too hot to contemplate going there). And I haven’t looked back!


The Reims coworking is a lovely relaxed place. Most of the other coworkers are also in fairly creative fields – graphic design, marketing and communications – and in terms of local networking, it’s really been great. I’ve gained several clients and made contact with people who could help offer a ‘full’ range of services to my existing clients. The rules for the Capsule are fairly straight-forward, and boil down to common sense and courtesy – we leave the shared space to make phone calls or chat, and people volunteer to keep a record of who is there each day.

In terms of practicalities, I take my laptop and work through a little piece of software called TeamViewer, which allows me to access everything on my desktop computer – no need to transfer documents to the cloud, or buy two different licences for the CAT tools I use. It works really well 99% of the time – although does rely on a fairly fast, reliable internet connection.

I have found that there are certain things I can’t do at the Capsule. Very creative translations are complicated, as I like to read sentences aloud to see how they flow, and proofreading is much easier on my two large screens than my little laptop. But on the other hand, very repetitive translations seem to go much more quickly when I can’t distract myself with other things! So now I organise my projects to make it work.

For me, coworking has become essential – it allows me to get out of the house and interact with like-minded people without losing out on valuable working time. Spending one day a week there is the perfect compromise between working from home and renting my own office space, and I’m interested to see how the space develops in the future.


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