The Confidence Plan – an update

I was really interested to read some of the feedback on my recent post about trying to be more confident, and promised to let you know how it goes, so here we are!

In the time since I set myself this challenge, I’ve been quite successful in keeping to the plan and doing something ‘scary’ most Mondays. Some examples of things I did:

  • contacted a client with whom I’d lost touch – they sent me some work the very same week!
  • rang the social security office and sorted a problem with my health insurance card (I think everything is eventually sorted with this!)
  • went to the optician (I had put this off as it involved calling and making an appointment – that’s the extent of my phone avoidance)
  • discussed a new project I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about soon
  • followed up a late payment straight away, rather than hoping for it to arrive later.

The Monday morning slot works well for me, as does preparing phone numbers etc. on Friday. I know a couple of people asked if that wouldn’t mean the action to be taken would be ‘hanging over me’ all weekend, but I haven’t really found that to be an issue. I’m quite good at separating work and non-work time in my head, so can avoid thinking about work when I’m not in my office. I think another important point is that these are all things I’ve been putting off for weeks and weeks, so they’ve been hanging over me for quite a while anyway! There’s something almost reassuring about knowing that there are only a few more days of worry left!calendar

I’ve found the whole process very rewarding so far – my little challenges are getting easier as I complete more of them, and the boost for the rest of the week is great motivation.

I’ve still got quite a way to go to be where I want to be in terms of confidence – I would like to be able to do this things without having to plan them in such detail first, but I can definitely see progress. I’m also feeling considerably less nervous than I usually would about meeting new people at the MedTranslate conference this weekend – in fact I’m looking forward to it!



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