How to stay positive on quiet days

After a very busy, productive July with several new clients and some really interesting projects, August has not been so positive (at least not so far, there’s still time!). In freelancing, we all know about the infamous feast and famine, and I’ve already posted some ideas on how to fill the time in famine periods, but today I want to talk about how to avoid the feeling that actually, the security of a full-time office job would really be quite nice…

 The big picture

When you’ve returned all those big projects and you suddenly find yourself at inbox (almost) empty, it can be easy to dwell on the negative aspects of being a freelancer – insecurity, unstable work and income, the infinite wait for that new project – and lose sight of the bigger picture. If your not-so-great period hasn’t been going on that long, try to take a step back and see the big picture – you NEED these calmer periods, for admin, for sleep and for your sanity! And remember that it’s only temporary (if you’re getting really worried, post on social media about how happy you are to have a day off – a sure-fire way to go from zero to crazy busy in no time ;-)).

 Be proactive

One of the most effective ways of stopping the clouds of negativity gathering overhead is to outrun them! Both literally and figuratively. Exercise is one of my favourite ways to avoid negative thoughts, so get your blood pumping, those endorphins flowing and a smile back on your face!

And once you get back to the office, get on with your to-do list. There are always things we’re putting off until the right time – it’s now! If you’ve really done everything (really? I don’t believe you!), check out my post here for some more ideas.

 Count your blessings

As freelancers, we are responsible for our own successes. But when things aren’t going so well, it can be easy to forget those successes and all the wonderful things we’ve already achieved – I mean, you’re running your own company, how amazing is that?! A while ago, I came across the idea of a ‘positivity jar’ and I think it’s really great. Basically, every time you are proud of something you’ve done, you write it down and put the piece of paper in a jar on your desk. And when you’re feeling down, you take out the papers and read back through all of your achievements until you start feeling better about your business and yourself.

My positivity jar (well, plant pot). It's a work in progress!

My positivity jar (well, plant pot). It’s a work in progress!

As always, I would love to hear any other ideas you have! How do you avoid the negative thoughts sneaking their way in when things are quiet?


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