Summer Plans

Can you believe it’s July already? We’re half way through 2014, and I have to say it’s been a very exciting year for me so far (both professionally and privately speaking!). This month is the perfect time to take a look back over the six months that have gone by, and see where you are in relation to your goals. I’m doing quite well on mine, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement until December!

Everything tends to slow down in France over the summer – a lot of people take three weeks off in July/ August, and a lot of smaller businesses close completely for a month or so. While I don’t really think freelancing lends itself to such long holidays (although I know some people disagree), I’m also going to be taking the opportunity to take my foot off the gas – my life has been pretty hectic recently, so I’m looking forward to finishing a little earlier, making the most of the sunny weekends and not feeling like I have to work every waking hour of every day!

Summer sun

It’s also wedding season – I’ve been to one and have another two in August. So (when I’m not planning my own wedding) I’ve also been thinking about professional relationships, and what we can do to make sure they are as positive as possible. There are pages and pages written about this online (check out this, this and this), and most of it is really common sense (or at least I hope it is!). Nevertheless, it’s always useful to take a step back now and then, and ask yourself how each client relationship can be improved. If you’re really feeling brave, you could ask the client for their ideas too! Feedback is the best way to focus on what’s important to your clients, and avoid turning in circles for two hours deliberating over whether ‘Good morning x’ or ‘Hello x’ is a better way to start your emails. I know I can’t be the only one guilty of getting obsessed with the minor, unimportant details!

So that’s pretty much my plan for the next few weeks – reflecting, resting and reviewing relationships. (I do love a good bit of alliteration!) Do you have special plans this summer? I hope whatever you’re doing, you enjoy it!


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