Defining Success

Whenever I spend some time browsing business blogs, one word is omnipresent. Success. How to achieve it, keep it, increase it…

But what is success? How do we, as freelancers, measure success and do we ever really know if we’ve ‘got it’? I think sometimes we are so busy striving to have ‘more’ that we don’t ever really stop to think about what we already have. Not that I think we should stop aiming high! But sometimes, we need to define what it is we really want. From there, it’s much easier to define your business vision and goals (the ‘how’, if you like).

That’s why I want to set you a challenge. Are you ready? Okay. Explain, in one or two sentences, what success looks like to you. Don’t think about it too much, just write it down (in a comment if you feel like it) as it comes to you.

So what did you write? My own idea of success is this:


It seems fairly straight-forward, but I think just taking a few minutes to pin down what you really want can help you in maintaining your focus – for example I choose to avoid jobs which fall outside my preferred areas of work, because while they might earn me some extra money, they won’t bring me any closer to being successful on my own terms. I would rather spend the time learning a new skill, or developing an existing one, which will allow me to offer my clients some sort of added value.

So what’s your definition of success? I’m sure each person has a very different individual idea, whether it includes earning enough to replace a full-time salary, maintaining a professional career while looking after your children, or being able to retire at 55!




  1. Hm, this is intriguing. I agree with your statement especially regarding financial and psychological freedom. I’d say that success for me is “to do what your heart desires, to be good at it and to be recognised for the quality of your services by clients and peers”. I guess…that’s it. Have a lovely weekend!

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