My first office sharing experience

For the last few months, I’ve been telling myself over and over again that I should go and check out my local office sharing space – it’s 5 minutes away, so once I’d figured out using TeamViewer to access my desktop computer from my laptop (one of Raphäel’s useful tips from the Brussels Lab!) I really had no excuse for not going.

Except… I’m a very shy person. So just making the call to find out the opening hours was a huge deal in my head. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I made a deal with myself that I would just get on with it, and I did. The bank holidays at the start of May meant I didn’t actually go in person until last week, but simply having made the call and spoken to someone, I could feel my courage building.

The office sharing space here in Reims is situated at the Chamber of Commerce building, and therefore is able to offer various training and information sessions, as well as an open plan office space, and a plentiful supply of coffee. If you’re interested in finding a similar space in your town or city, try Jelly – they seem to be everywhere!

So last week I packed up my laptop and headed over. I chose to go on a Friday afternoon, assuming that it would be fairly quiet and therefore a bit less stressful in terms of meeting people. What can I say, I am SO glad I moved out of my comfort zone and actually went. After a few technical hitches (my TeamViewer had switched itself off on my desktop, so I had to nip home and turn it back on), I felt at home straight away. The people are lovely (I even met another translator there) and as someone who works better with some background noise, I think it even boosted my productivity.

Overall, I had a really positive experience, and I’m planning to go again this week. I don’t think I could work there all day every day (I like my home office set-up too much!) but I think one afternoon a week spent in a different location will be about right.


Laptop bag

All you need to work away from home…

Have you tried co-working, or working in other locations than your own home? I guess it’s something that isn’t for everyone, but you won’t know unless you try!


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