Business Resources for Freelance Translators

As I mentioned last week, one of the key areas where I think academic translation Masters qualifications are lacking is in business training. And when you are starting out, it’s easy to feel lost and not know where to turn. So here are a collection of useful resources for learning more about how to run a business:


1. Courses

If you’re looking for something quite structured, maybe the Business School for Translators is right for you! I’ve spoken about Marta’s course before, and if you want an online course focusing on marketing and client contact, this is one to check out.

The ITI Getting Started course will also be starting soon – it’s a brand new course, so I don’t know much about it yet, but it is run by the Institute of Translators and Interpreters so I’m sure it will be worth looking into.

2. Books

There are some great books out there that take you through many of the different aspects of freelance translation – check out my reviews of two of them here and here. Two more on my reading list are The Entrepreneurial Linguist and Diversification in the Language Industry. Are there any others I should read? Let me know!

3. Blogs, blogs and more blogs

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs out there covering every single aspect of translating, running a business, freelancing and much more. Some of my favourite business and freelance related blogs are The Freelancery,, freelance folder and Project Eve. If you want ideas for translation-focused blogs, have a look at my Blogs I read page.

4. Local organisations

I think in this age of the internet, it’s easy to forget that sometimes there are great resources offline too – have you thought about contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, or a local entrepreneur or self-employment network? They can be a goldmine of information, networking opportunities, and a great reason to get out of the house/ office for a while!


Have I forgotten anything? I would love to hear any other ideas you have!


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