Year in Review Part 2: Goals for 2014

January always seems like a good time to reflect and set goals, and after taking stock of the past year last week, this week I’m sharing some of the things I would like to achieve, or at least work towards, in 2014.

1. Be more confident and take more risks

This is pretty much a recurrent resolution for me! I never seem to be quite brave enough to really go for things 100%, and that’s something I’m really going to try to work on this year – getting out of my comfort zone. First stop: the Brussels Tweet Up later this month to do some face to face networking!

2. Work with more direct clients

I think this is a dream shared by pretty much all translators, and certainly ties in to my first goal. I want to take the initiative to contact potential direct clients, and let them know why they should work with me. I’m setting myself monthly targets for contacting targeted potential clients, and hopefully this time next year I’ll be reflecting on how successful I’ve been!

3. Take more care of myself

2014 will be the year when I really take care of my health and wellbeing. I want to check out some local yoga classes to work on my posture, join a gym to blow out the cobwebs a few times a week, and find a way to drink more water through the day!

So those are my top three goals for this year – what are yours? I’m hoping that by putting mine down in writing and publishing them for all to see (eek!) I’ll be more motivated to make a continued effort ;o) If you spot me slacking, make sure to give me a nudge!

Oh and a very happy, productive and healthy 2014 to you all!fireworks-141044_640


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